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Join us for a

Somatic Healing & Hiking Retreat in Cinque Terre, Italy

Hosted by Lindsay Poelman, Aimée Gianni, and Melissa Taylor


Sunday, September 22th – Friday, September 27th

September 27th – 29th: Optional Florence Extension


We will be staying at the luxurious Park Hotel Argento, which offers modern luxury amidst tranquil surroundings. The vibrant villages of Cinque Terre, and Portofino lie just a train ride away. Meanwhile, nearby, stunning hikes promise breathtaking views of the other-worldly Ligurian landscape.


Come at your leisure, enjoy a swim, sauna, hanging, etc. The retreat will start officially around 4:30 pm with introductions, and an easy catered meal or dinner at a local restaurant. We will have PLENTY of snacks for you during the week, don’t worry. If you arrive later than this time, we’ll make sure you’re covered for food.

The General Daily Schedule will get filled in more as the retreat gets closer.

Mornings. Breakfast at the hotel, followed by somatic practices to wake our energy bodies up and prepare for the day. We’ll also hike in the mornings. Be prepared to walk 1-3 miles per day, with one or two potential longer hike days (4-6 miles). We’ll also be taking the train to/from the cities in the evenings (driving doesn’t make too much sense in this part of the world). Overall, plan to be on your feet for 2-3 hours/day. 

Afternoons. For lunch, we’ll either have a locally planned picnic prepared to enjoy on the trail with mesmerizing views, or we’ll hike into one of the Cinque Terre Villages to eat and explore. Between lunch and dinner, you’ll have your “free time” to enjoy the villages or hotel at your leisure (Pool? Spa? Restful Riposo? You decide!).

This is also the time Melissa will schedule her 1:1 Natal Readings/Solar Returns with you.

Evenings. As evening time commences, we’ll gear up for a delicious Italian dinner, rotating through the different villages each night (are you in paradise yet? I sure am)! After dinner, exploring, and taking the train back to the hotel, we’ll retreat to our individual rooms. Some nights we may also retreat to Lindsay, Aimée, and Melissa’s Suite to be serenaded by a sound bath (depending on demand). 

Portofino Day. We may embark on a day trip (via train) to Portofino! There are magnificent walking, exploring, and dining options with breathtaking views to boot! Portofino is such a romantic gem, and we’ll make this decision as we get a better feel for the weather (which is normally a DREAM in September).

Breakfast at the hotel, followed by checkout and goodbyes. For people going on to Florence, we’ll organize transportation from the hotel to travel together (see below for more on the Florence Extension). For people going home/somewhere else, you’ll head to whichever airport you are flying out of.

Where We’ll Stay

Ready to join us in beautiful Italy this summer?



What does this price include?

What costs am I responsible for after I sign up?


Steps to Join Us

1. Click this link to reserve your space now.

2. Click this link to book your hotel room (if you get a friend to come with you, amaaaaazing! You can share a room!) You can also click here to book via

2a. Double check for correct hotel booking dates: Sunday, September 22th – Friday, September 27th.

*Approximate cost of a room at this hotel for 5 nights ranges from $1,900-$4,000; depending on the accommodation you opt for. 

3. Decide whether you want to do the Florence Extension from Friday, September 27th – Sunday, September 29th (see below).

4. Book your flights!

  • You can fly round trip from Genoa, Italy [GOA] – 1 hour taxi to the hotel.
  • You can fly round trip from Florence, Italy [FLR] – 2 hours taxi/town car to the hotel.
  • If you do the Florence extension, and it’s easy, you can fly into Genoa, Italy [GOA], and out of Florence [FLR].

4a. Book/Make a note to book your travel from airport to the hotel. P.S. Once people sign up, you’ll all be connected so you may get to share rides with people.

    • Approximate cost of a car from Florence Airport to Hotel Argento (~1 hour, 45 minutes): $75-$170.
    • Approximate cost of a bus or train from Florence Airport to Hotel Argento (4-5 hours): $15-$100.
    • Approximate cost of a car from Genoa Airport to Hotel Argento (~1 hour, 15 minutes): $100-$125.
    • Approximate cost of a bus or train from Genoa Airport to Hotel Argento (~2 hours): $10-$30.

5. Get ready for some serious somatic, exploring, healing, hiking fun!


After the retreat, from Friday to Sunday, a group of girls will head to Florence for a few days! ALL COSTS ASSOCIATED WITH THIS EXTENSION ARE SEPARATE FROM THE RETREAT PRICE OF $3,333, but we wanted to organize this for those interested in spending time in the city of gelato, art, romance, and lights.

Additional Cost Estimate:

Travel to Florence from Levanto: $70-$150 euros (will likely be a lot less depending on the number of people who go).

Food: Plan for $100-200 / day (but again, all optional! This is “girls trip” style so you do you!).

Activities: Plan for about $100 / day if you want to go somewhere, but also, maybe we’ll all just go to museums, eat gelato, wait in line for a famous focaccia sandwich, shop, and/or kayak in the Arno River underneath the Ponte Vecchio! Or, if you want, do your own thing and meet up with us when/where you want!

Accommodation: Plan for 2 nights in Florence at a Hotel, B&B, or Airbnb ($100-300/night). But AGAIN, you do you! You don’t have to stay with the crowd. You can stay where you want, and meet up with us where/when you want! Once we’re clear on Florence Interest, we’ll decide whether a hotel or airbnb makes more sense.

Transport from Florence Center to Airport on departure day: $8-$30.

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